Wednesday, May 22, 2019

What is default SSID network name for McDonalds internet

When you love food and you also love to have free wifi access then McDonalds wifi is your destination. You can easily get free wifi access at McDonalds store and you can access all your favorite website access. Using McDonalds free wifi sign in page you can easily connect to wifi access from store.

When you are at McDonalds store, you can easily get wifi password from store manager and then you can access the wifi login page. When you search for wifi connections that are available McDonalds, you will need to know about SSID network name first. Learn all the commonly asked questions about the Mcdonalds 
In this article, we are explaining the default network name of McDonalds store so that you can get wifi connections with your food items. Remember that you can’t access all type of websites at McDonalds wifi because there are some websites that blocked at McDonalds.Here are the details regarding the commonly asked questions of Mcdonalds wifi.

Default SSID for McDonalds Store: Wayport_access
This is the default network name for wifi name. When you want to search for the default network name for McDonalds then here are steps you will fill.
1.     Turn ON the wifi access from your computer device or mobile device.
2.     Search for wifi connections that are available at your device.
3.     Search for the wifi that is available with “wayport_access” name.
4.     Select this name and then click on “Connect” button.
5.     Your device will connect to wifi only if you can fill the password for internet access.
Your device will get disconnected from wifi access once you have reached the McDonaldsfree wifi sign in internet access. You can get new wifi only when you purchase more food from the store.

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